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Gonna be working on saving up somewhere around $300...
I severely need a new computer.
The one I use now whitescreens, is horribly cracked on the right side making some weird loop shape even over to the left, and the right side of just above the keyboard and power button is popping up.
The computer itself is somewhere over 5 years, so even in this condition, I'm surprised it still runs, but I really need a new computer.

Anything helps.
I'll be uploading a commission chart here and on basically all my other social media accounts (You can find anything I'm available on over at Sylve-OFF.).
Thank you.
okay but derek gerard is rad
he's like... a mix of wolfieraps and brandon rogers in my opinion and 
he's just
when it's actually confirmed that zacharie just has a huge, nasty neck
but no one gives a god badiddly damn
including me
Please go check out this cute game called 


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